A man awakes 15,000 ft above ground. He is falling surrounded by silvery debris. He starts grabbing the pieces, sticking them together and roping them up to create something that will rescue him. A small dot appears at the horizon – It’s an unconscious woman. He awakes her and they work together now. Getting closer to the ground she realizes that there is only room for one in the aircraft. He starts the engine from outside and she gets blasted into the sky. The aircraft falls apart into pieces. Now the woman is falling surrounded by silvery debris of the aircraft. And in the very moment she opens her eyes, a small dot appears at the horizon.

Baudokumentation Trümmerteile
Baudokumentation Kapsel
Fotos Dreh
Digital nachgebaute Trümmerteile
Digital gebaute Rakete
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Info | 2016 | Short | 6 min.

Production | Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Director | Thomas Sali

DoP | Martin L Ludwig